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This is a Bathroom Humor cartoon gift from the Cartoonjazz.com Business Collection

ISO 9000 Cartoon of the month!
Great cartoon gift for home or office only $64.99. Comes beautifully framed and packaged. Ideal for the Quality Professional or any Executive. 

Product Name: #0927
11"x15" cartoon reproduction encased in a 16"x20" Classic Black Aluminum Frame with a textured gray matte

Flow Chart Bathroom Cartoon

Description: Two men are standing in front of the men's room. On the door is a flow chart with processes. One man says to the other:
Caption: I know that technically there are inputs, outputs and activities here, but I think our ISO rep went too far in listing our lavatory as one of our main business processes.
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A cartoon is the perfect gift of bathroom humor cartoon gift! Perfect for home or office. This cartoon makes a great gift for anyone in the ISO 9000 / 2000 industry. This framed cartoon also makes a great bathroom decoration idea. Unique gift idea for someone who does business process mapping, is an ISO programmer,  or a quality professional.

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